3 Things you didn't know about Cheshire

Cheshire resides in the northwestern area of England, near both Liverpool and Manchester. The area is resplendent with green rolling hills and English country charm. On a fine day, you can feel the breeze from the Irish Sea blow across your brow. It is a picturesque and delightful area.

Whether for a holiday or a permanent move, the history-laden beauty of this area is enough to draw you in. But, what makes Cheshire so unique? We will examine three wonders and allow you to determine for yourself.

Unique Opportunities

Many rush through the Cheshire area, hurrying to and fro. Yet, we encourage you to stop for a respite and breathe the clean country air. Cheshire and the surrounding area offer occasions to dally and linger. Stroll the charming streets, wander the Cross and Rows, enjoy tea in the sunshine on a warm afternoon.

The Rows 

The Rows, pictured above, is a remnant of the ancient Roman structures that once occupied the city. Changes have happened since their original construction, but the details are still clear. Investigating this area must be on one's list of things to do.

The Roman Ruins

In 70 AD the Romans occupied the area now known as Cheshire. It is at this place they built the largest fortress in Britain, Deva Victrix. The size of the structure may indicate that Cheshire, not London was intended to be the capital of the Roman province. 

The amphitheatre, built alongside the fortress remains. A testament to the endurance of Roman workmanship and the strength of the British people. There is also a Roman Garden, an outdoor museum, that contains artefacts.


For something more active, Cheshire boasts activities from bungee jumping to music festivals. Dining and wine tasting also top the list of nighttime activities. There are also activities for families with children.

Unfortunately, Cheshire does not have a casino, and due to the strict gambling laws in the UK, they may not ever, but you can still try your luck online. Find out more at https://www.casinohawks.com/. Whatever you decide to do, Cheshire is a wonderful place to do it. Come for a weekend, or stay for a lifetime.